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Nadhira – Tear Us Apart Feat. Ron E Jones

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TYGS Battle Series – Finale

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Nadhira – You Got Me

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Nadhira Feel That feat. Vandal

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The Crib Show Ep117

Catch Episode 117 of The Crib Show LIVE on Aforadio this coming Tuesday, August 12th from 8PM – 10PM (+8GMT) as we bring the Best of Local and International Hip Hop with DJ Lethal Skillz, Vandal & Truf. Follow us NOW on Twitter – @TheCribShow For those who missed the LIVE show.. Here’s the Podcast for Episode 116 featuring Bryan Botak Chin from MassesMY and more dope track selection from DJ Lethal Skillz and the u(n)usual antics of Truf & Vandal! The Crib Show – Episode 116 by The Crib Show On Aforadio on Mixcloud WHAT’S ON EPISODE 117??? We’ve

TYGS 2014 Poster lo

TYGS Battle Series 2014

We’re just around the corner from TYGS Battle Series 2014 June 1st 2014 5pm – 9pm Maju Junction Mall (Outside) Updated TYGS Battle Line Up: Emcee Battle ENG 1. M 2. Rash 3. Zain Azrai 4. Tommy Seow 5. KIA 6. Phrixus 7. Louis Liew 8. (Open) Emcee Battle BM 1. Phad 2. Soli 3. DMent 4. K-Main 5. Khye-Zo 6. Gard 7. Rizal 8. AfiqPG Emcee Battle Chinese * Hosted by Ching It Out Beatbox Battle 1. Ruff Beatz 2. Coex 3. Kim Sng 4. Emin 5. Ezzah 6. AbeatC 7. Sugu 8. Stanza 9. Riyal 10. Ken 11.